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    Every Day is Galentine’s Day

    Recently, more than ever I have been feeling such support and love from so many people that I am surrounded by. They each have impacted me more than words could ever express. I can never thank every person that has ever helped me on my journey; here are just a few of the friends that make me feel so loved on a daily basis. Lauren I don’t even know where to begin. First off, you are able to deal with me for 24 hours a day so hats off to you. I love you so incredibly much and literally can’t imagine life without you at this point. It is so…

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    Dear Younger Cassie

    My dad recently sent me my “letter to myself” that I wrote in 8th grade. I will spare you the pain of having to read it; it’s 26 pages long and honestly just cringy to read for so many reasons. However, it did inspire me to write a letter to middle school me to explain how life turned out over five years later. Dear Cassie, First of all, you survived high school and almost half of college! Congrats! That is an accomplishment in itself. I recently was able to read the letter you wrote to yourself and it was really eye-opening. Honestly, most of the struggles that you faced that…