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    Welcome to Gries 210!

    It has been about a week and a half since moving in for my senior year, so here is a brief overview of my room. Freshman year, I made a pact with Katie that we would live in Gries together again senior year, and I’m ecstatic that dream came true. Meet the Roommates From left to right, there is Lauren, the person I met on day one of college and I won’t let her leave me now, Nicole, who is the only reason I passed my math minor and the one always there to witness my brain fried, and Katie, my freshman roommate turned best friend. A quick overview of…

  • Favorites,  SNC Journey

    A Bit of a Life Update

    I realized that the last time I wrote on here, it was January. A bit has happened since then including ending junior year and this week starting my senior year of college. So here is a very quick recap of some things that have happened in the past six months. Spring Semester 2021 College in the middle of Covid has been a very different experience but I am so thankful I have been able to have a decently normal end to junior year. Mass for the Feast of St. Joseph This Mass was easily one of the highlights of my Junior year. It was truly a once in a lifetime…