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    Heritage Ball

    This past Saturday was St. Norbert’s homecoming weekend. This involved activities all week and accumulated on Saturday for the Homecoming Game and Heritage Ball. I was not sure what to expect for Heritage Ball but it turned out to be a night full of fun. Saturday morning a small group of us ventured out to the De Pere Christian Outreach Thrift Store for some shopping. We had been there for a field trip for class on Thursday morning and we really enjoyed their mission. They help those who are in need by running a thrift store and food pantry in the greater De Pere area. Most of the people who…

  • Life at SNC

    Fall on Campus

    This past couple of weeks on campus have been beautiful! A couple of the days were a bit chilly, but overall it has been the perfect fall weather. The walk to breakfast every morning during sunrise is especially beautiful and it makes waking up early a bit more tolerable. The sunsets on the docks have been breathtaking recently and I took advantage of this before my night exam on Monday. This past week, my friend and I had a mini photo shoot after class. It was a great time getting to enjoy time together, the weather, and a break from studying for a bit. This campus is always breathtaking, but…

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    Showcase, Church, and Pumpkins, Oh My!

    This past weekend was the first time that I went home (for more than a few hours). I left campus early Saturday morning and headed back Sunday afternoon.    Saturday Saturday was a day of bittersweetness. After being picked up, I first went back to my old high school, Preble, to watch marching band showcase. It was definitely a weird feeling to not be on the field in a uniform. Every school did amazing and I was so happy to see my younger friends again! After the showcase, I headed to church. I surprised most of the choir and it felt amazing. I honestly miss all of them a lot…

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    SNC Day!

    This weekend on campus is Family Weekend! That being said it is very chaotic having everyone up here all at once. The weather was beautiful and the day was very relaxing! Friday was spent bonding as a floor and we started off our Saturday with a boat cruise and ended with an art tour by Father Neilson. Friday Night After a stressful and long week of classes, Friday night was a welcome feeling. I started off my night with learning about Chiara (the Catholic Women’s Group on campus) and then eating a Parmesan Chicken Melt at Phil’s for dinner. Afterward, our floor bonded by decorating all the windows to our…

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    First Real Weekend on Campus

    This past weekend was our first “normal” weekend on campus. Classes are in full swing now and our homework is also piling up. However, we all still managed to have loads during the weekend together!   Friday Night The recent storms created a beautiful cloud formation and color in the sky Friday during sunset! At night we had a Coco movie night with our floor, hosted by our RA! We made friendship bracelets and enjoyed popcorn and (more) time together! Saturday Our Saturday was spent exploring Bay Beach in Green Bay! Being from around here, I go there often but it was fun with a group from out of town.…

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    First Week of Classes

    Hello everybody! This weekend concluded the first week of classes for us here at St. Norbert. Overall, classes went well and having small class sizes help and a wide circle of friends also helped. I know at least one person in each of my five classes this semester. However, most of the fun happened outside of the classroom after classes were done. My floormates (the second-floor sisters) and I adventured around campus and the city of DePere. Monday Monday was the official start of the school year and classes for all students. We started off the year with early morning breakfast and I had an 8:30 am Calculus 2 class.…

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    Bergstrom Hall 207

    Welcome to Bergstrom Hall room 207! My name is Cassie and my roommate’s name is Katie. We are both freshmen at St. Norbert College and live in the honor’s dorm for all freshman. Welcome to our home away from home! Before we left, the pile of items to bring seemed daunting, but with a packing engineer dad, everything fit into the truck! Under Our Beds Both of our favorite colors were shades of blue, so we decided on a white, gray, and black room with a teal blue accent color. We also both decided to loft our beds to give us the most room. Under the beds, we placed the…

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    About Me!

    Hello! My name is Cassie; I love the little moments that make me realize the beauty of life. God is first in my life and my family is second. I am a freshman at St. Norbert College double majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Mathematics. On my free time, I love to listen to music and play my clarinet and ukulele. I love photography, pineapple, and relaxing. I am excited to start my new chapter of life and see where it takes me! Explore my blog and learn a little bit about my adventure filled life!