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End of the First Semester

This past Friday was the end of the first semester for me at St. Norbert. I feel like so much has changed, it has to be longer than 15 weeks ago that I moved in.

The biggest and most important lesson I have learned is the importance of relying on others. I have met so many incredible people since I started school and there were times we all needed each others support. Days and weeks can feel like years and there were many times I texted someone or knocked on their door to relieve stress and rant to them. I cannot thank every single person I have met enough. They have turned into my family in the few short months we have known each other. I do not know what I would do without them…

The second big lesson I continue to learn every day is the necessity of having fun. Sometimes when there are deadlines flying at you from seven different directions, it becomes even more necessary to take a step away from school. I learned I am more productive when I take a few minute breaks to talk to a friend or do something not related to school. It’s okay to watch a movie on a Friday night or go to a club or go grab a coffee at Ed’s and it can endlessly help.

Part of our trip to the DePere Farmer’s Market

Throughout this semester I have had the incredible opportunity to be involved in many different clubs and activities, but I have also been involved in a research fellowship position on campus with Full Spectrum Learning. You can read about all my different experiences and my semester review for my job here!

Ruthie, the other Research Fellow

It is also almost the end of 2018 and I have been thinking a lot about everything that has happened this past year. High school feels like ages ago, but in reality I only graduated about six months ago! Wow. I also have an incredible group of friends and family supporting me and I can’t imagine anything going differently this past year. As cliche as it sounds, I wouldn’t want to change anything because each experience has shaped me into the young adult (I still can’t believe I’m an adult) that I am today.

I am also blessed and honored to announce that I earned a 4.0 GPA for my first semester, meaning I got straight As and made the Dean’s List! Thank you to everyone who has supported me along every step of my life, especially this semester and this past year.

Hello! My name is Cassie Nooyen and I am a freshman at St. Norbert College double majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Mathematics. Explore my blog and learn a little bit about my adventure called life!

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