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Heritage Ball

This past Saturday was St. Norbert’s homecoming weekend. This involved activities all week and accumulated on Saturday for the Homecoming Game and Heritage Ball. I was not sure what to expect for Heritage Ball but it turned out to be a night full of fun.

Saturday morning a small group of us ventured out to the De Pere Christian Outreach Thrift Store for some shopping. We had been there for a field trip for class on Thursday morning and we really enjoyed their mission. They help those who are in need by running a thrift store and food pantry in the greater De Pere area. Most of the people who work there are volunteers over the age of 55 and only one position is a paid position. After this trip we headed to Julies for brunch and then back to campus to relax for a few hours.

The weather was a bit chilly for the football game so I decided not to go and it also gave me more time to get ready for Heritage Ball. Our floor decided to take pictures a before which ended up being about three hours early because of how fast it gets dark. The fall colors made the pictures beautiful and it was a great (but cold) time!

The actual dance was a welcoming surprise. It was similar to a high school homecoming but much better. The music was played by a live band called Fat Brass. My favorite part of the dance was when the president of the college and his wife were the ones to start the dance party! Later, a few people in our group took a picture with him and his wife. Overall, the dance was amazing and it was mainly spent laughing at all of my floor’s bad dance moves and spending more time with those amazing people.

I cannot wait to make countless more memories with this amazing group. I can’t believe it has been over two months already since I moved in and it is close to the end of the first semester of classes!

Hello! My name is Cassie Nooyen and I am a freshman at St. Norbert College double majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Mathematics. Explore my blog and learn a little bit about my adventure called life!

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