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International Women’s Day

As you may have heard, today is International Women’s Day and it really helped me to think about all of the incredible people and role models in my life. Thank you to all of those who have paved the way for women today, especially those women in technology.


My mother has been there for my from day one. I know I can always rely on her to be there for me, no matter what. She is my biggest role model and I hope to be half of the mom she is to my children one day!

Second Floor Sisters

Living in Bergstrom has been the most incredible part of this year. Every single member of the floor is incredible and I know I can always rely on them when I need to. They are incredibly smart, beautiful, and even more kind. They always help me to laugh and smile when I need it the most and they always are supportive of everything I do.

Spirit Choir

My life changed drastically when I decided to join my the spirit choir in seventh grade at the age of 12. I would have never imagined that over eight years later I would change so much in my faith and they would all be such an incredibly large part of my life. I am so thankful that I have them as such great influences and support whenever I need them.

Incredible Friends

I have so many incredibly supportive and loving friends. They inspire me to be the best person I can be each and every day and I know I can always rely on them and their wisdom. I am so blessed they are in my life and always there when I need them.

Maggie Nichols

One of my biggest inspirations in life is Maggie Nichols. She is a former USA Gymnastics team member and World Champion and currently on the Oklahoma Gymnastics team. She posts a positive quote each day and is incredibly inspiring how she always gives all of her glory to God. She is always so incredibly inspirational and kind and she inspires me to be kind.

Ballinger Family

The Ballinger Family is easily my favorite family on YouTube. Sisters Rachel and Colleen along with sister-in-law Jessica are three of the funniest people I have ever watched. They never fail to put a smile onto my face and they are always so real and positive about their lives and their personalities.

All of these incredible women (and so many more) inspire me each day to try to be the best version of myself and inspire others. I am so blessed to know each one of them and they have each impacted my life so much!

Hello! My name is Cassie Nooyen and I am a freshman at St. Norbert College double majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Mathematics. Explore my blog and learn a little bit about my adventure called life!

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