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Week One of Part Two

Last Friday I moved into my home for the year, St. Joseph Hall. This year I get to live with one of my best friends and computer science buddy Lauren.

Move in only took four hours and over 20 trips (sorry dad) and to think we were supposed to live on the fifth floor and got moved to the second. Overall, I love the way the roomed turned out and appreciate the extra space and storage, especially the bookshelves on the walls.

Start of Class

My First Day of Class Photo with Friends Kylie and Leah!

This past Monday started a new semester of classes. My schedule isn’t the easiest; I have four classes in a row starting at 8:30 and going until 1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The four classes are Advanced Foundations of Math, Honors Theological Foundations, Machine Organization and Assembly Language, and Calculus 3. So far I enjoy most of class, just maybe not all the homework and am working towards getting back into the routine of school.

My New Job!

This summer I was hired to help ITS with a new job: a tech bar consultant! Students set up appointments and we help them with a variety of skills from setting up a domain, to video production, to using the Google Suite. I am also continuing my research fellowship for Full Spectrum Learning that I started last year. I am excited to see how far the project will be able to come this year. Between both jobs I keep pretty busy, working about 12-14 hours a week!

Favorite Part so Far

Beautiful Old St. Joseph Church

Easily my favorite part of this past week has been the close proximity of the church. Each time I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I just walk in and sit in the church and my worries seem to disappear. The Shrine is also a great place to sit and do homework and relax. I know I will continue to take advantage of the closeness and make going to relax in the church a priority this year.

The Lovely Group of Friends from Kylie’s Party

One of my beautiful friends, Kylie’s birthday was also move-in day, so we decided to head to St. Norbert Abbey for Daily Mass and Prayer! It was a great group of fellowship and catching up after the summer!

Least Favorite Part

This year, my least favorite part is going to be not living with everyone. Last year, we all lived so close to each other and got so close, and now most of my best friends are living on the other side of campus. With all of our busy schedules, I know it will be hard to see each other often, but I know we will make it work.

What I am Most Excited For

I am really excited to see the growth of Chiara this year! Chiara is the Catholic women’s group on campus and I’m blessed to be able to be the treasurer this year on the executive board. I think the group will be able to thrive this year and I hope the group can grow in friendship and relationship with God.

For me, it seems really weird to not be a freshman anymore and I honestly still feel like one, but I’m ready to tackle year #2!

Hello! My name is Cassie Nooyen and I am a freshman at St. Norbert College double majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Mathematics. Explore my blog and learn a little bit about my adventure called life!

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